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herbal medicine

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The HomeGrown Herbalist School of Botanical Medicine
Online school, store with Herbal kits (first aid, travel, respiratory etc) Essential Oils, and formulas for cats, dogs, and livestock. Dr. Patrick Jones is a practicing veterinarian, Clinical Herbalist and traditional naturopath passionate about herbal medicine and a zeal to teach others about these...

Herbal Medicine Article Library
Free articles on basic concepts in herbalism, medicine making, family herbalism, specific herbs, food as medicine & medicinal herbs, and herbal farmcraft by Juliette Carr of Old Ways Herbal School

Old Ways Herbal School of Plant Medicine
Old Ways Herbal School of Plant Medicine offers both online and hands-on herbal learning in the midst of the forest Botanical Sanctuary, surrounded by native plants and venerable trees, with the sound of the river in the background. The central focus is to help people self-empower to reclaim lost wisdom...

Earthlight Permaculture
Bringing food and medicine close to home; using permaculture design to create unique, abundant habitats and nurturing healing spaces: edible landscaping and water-wise gardens; herbal medicine and pollinator gardens; food forests and resilience plantings; fire smart landscaping. Services include consultations,...

Twig & Stone Botanical Medicine
Rebecca Singer is a Certified Medical Herbalist who combines a biomedical understanding of medicine and health with the traditional knowledge of healing. She approaches herbalism from a vitalist perspective incorporating Western herbalism, holistic nutrition, aromatherapy, Ayurvedic philosophy, and...

Medicine Making Techniques
Free articles on harvesting, making, & using herbal remedies by Juliette Carr of the Old Ways Herbal School

Calluna Holistic Health
Whole medicine for whole people The practice of herbalism has deep roots in history and is still relevant today. Much like the whole food movement argues for less manipulation of the food we ingest, herbalists make the case for using whole medicine. Whole plant medicine empowers the individual...

Cascadia Folk Medicine
Bioregionally Wildcrafted botanical extracts for illuminating the mind, body and soul. These lands vibrate with medicine—a wisdom and strength that is available to all. Medicinal plants are here in abundance awaiting our return. As physical manifestations of the ecosystemic intelligence of the land,...

Student Clinic | Pacific Rim College
The Student Clinic at Pacific Rim College provides services in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Western Herbal Medicine and Holistic Nutrition. The general public can receive treatments by advanced-level students under the supervision of a licensed practitioner, or by a licensed practitioner with...

The study and practice of healing with medicinal plants Plants have been the basis for medical treatments throughout all of recorded human history. Herbalism focuses on recommending specific plant medicines for healing specific health issues. While the study of nutrition overlaps with herbalism, herbal...

The School Of Forest Medicine
Healing these interconnected individual, societal, and planetary ailments requires a fundamental shift in the way we relate to life. The School of Forest Medicine’s one-on-one healing sessions, classes, courses, and initiatory trips provide opportunities to help us remember our essential bond with...

Woodward Phytotherapy
Tony Oakworth is a registered herbal therapist, owner of Woodward Phytotherapy (herbal medicine clinic in Brentwood Bay, BC), and educator at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC working in the fields of plant medicines, nutrition, and mycology.

Bear Roots Forest Apothecary - Herb Gardens & Apothecary
Bear Roots Forest, a permaculture and biodynamic herb farm in Southern New Brunswick, offers dried herbs and hand-crafted herb products for the mind, body and soul. Tea blends, extracts, classes, consultations and herbal CSA. The Bear Roots Forest CSA is a quarterly box of herbal medicines, created...

Learning Herbs
Free and paid courses and videos about using herbs and making herbal medicine. Herb mentor professional forum, supplies and kits.

Wild Water Botanicals
WildWaterBotanicals Plant-based medicine, teas, salves, and art. Locally-made wildcrafted flower essences, tinctures, salves, and teas shipped nationally. Pickup may be an option for local Victoria, BC orders.

Pacific Northwest Medicinal Plants
This comprehensive guide is accessible to everyone, from beginners seeking reliable advice to experienced practitioners on the hunt for new information. Readers will find plant profiles, color photographs, step-by-step instruction for essential herbal remedies, and seasonal foraging tips. This indispensable...

Harmonic Arts
Located in Cumberland BC, Harmonic Arts is a growing plant medicine company founded in 2008 by Clinical Herbalists Yarrow and Angela Willard. Online store, botanical dispensary and wide offering of unique herbal formulations.

Earth & Spirit
A heart-centered herbalism and medicinal mushroom business specializing in wildcrafted medicines

Nature Nurture Farmacy
Nature Nurture Farmacy is a non-profit whose mission is to empower the community in their health journey. We currently grow botanical herbs in Winlock, WA. We harvest these herbs and make medicine immediately or process and dry them to be saved for a later date to be used for teaching classes, dispensing...

School of Evolutionary Herbalism
The School of Evolutionary Herbalism offers in-depth online programs and live workshops on a broad spectrum of herbal traditions. Courses range from traditional Alchemy and preparing Spagyric herbal medicines to Medical Astrology. They focus on Vitalist Western Herbalism and Ayurveda, providing a foundation...

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