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Cascadia Folk Medicine

Holistic health & wellness company.

Bioregionally Wildcrafted botanical extracts for illuminating the mind, body and soul. These lands vibrate with medicine—a wisdom and strength that is available to all. Medicinal plants are here in abundance awaiting our return. As physical manifestations of the ecosystemic intelligence of the land, they have the potential of being our most profound teachers. All of our herbs are ethically wildcrafted or organically grown in the mountains, valleys, and gardens of the Cascadia Bioregion. They are harvested at their peak of energetic potency with the utmost care and respect and processed by hand in small batches, fresh or carefully shade dried, using USP (United States Pharmacopeia) grade, organic grain alcohol and standardized tincturing ratios to ensure the highest quality and consistency.

Mission Statement
Cascadia Folk Medicine is dedicated to supplying the Pacific Northwest plant medicine community with high-quality, bioregional botanical medicines imbued with the spiritual essence of the forest.
herbal medicine, wildcrafting