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The idea of waste, something that gets discarded, is fundamentally incompatible with a holistic and optimized natural system. Everything transitions between states and between different life forms but nothing is "waste".

Approximately one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption—nearly 1.3 billion tonnes—gets lost or wasted every year. Food that deviates from what is considered optimal in terms of shape, size and colour, or beyond the “best-before” date is often discarded by retailers or consumers.

Reducing trash at the household level is a first step. However, more than 80% of wastage happens before a product gets purchased. To go beyond landfill culture one must go beyond participation in the industrial product market.

Principals for transitioning to a wasteless culture:

  1. Reduction of resource extraction, production and consumption of new products.

  2. Redesign of products and methods of production to eliminate waste by designing for longevity, modularity, and indefinite closed-loop reuse.

  3. Avoidance and reduction of single-use materials such as packaging and convenience products.

  4. Convert "waste" to resources for the benefit of local production and the creation of a sustainable society.

  5. Clean, sort, store or re-use any not-yet-recyclable "waste" to enable future re-manufacturing .

Zero-waste Resources


Zero-waste organization
The Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA) is an international organization focused on Zero Waste standards, policies and best practices. The ZWIA Charter Principles are: 1. Convert waste to resources for the benefits of local production and the creation...

Zero Waste Manifesto

Zero-waste standard
The Zero Waste Manifesto declares the rules and principles of a zero waste lifestyle--producing and consuming without producing materials that will be discarded into nature and the oceans--by considering the following values: 1. Well-being of Plants...

Zero Waste Living — Bea Johnson

Zero-waste knowledge holder
Bea Johnson lives a zero-waste lifestyle with a family of four. A writer, speaker, and leader, she shares practical tips and how-tos for reducing waste and shifting our lifestyle to ensure a healthy environment into the future.


Zero-waste app
Olioex is a free smart-phone app meant to connect neighbours to share food and other things, rather than chuck them away. Olio is has more then a million users in 49 different countries.

Elevate Packaging

Continental zero-waste company
Elevate Packaging provides 100% compostable packaging and labels for small businesses. They sell stock bags in small batches that you can order directly off their website, or they can also do custom bags with printing. All primary materials are compostable...

Misfits Market

Food company
Misfits Market is an online mail-order food store dedicated to making affordable, high-quality food more accessible while helping break the cycle of food waste. The company works directly with farmers to rescue organic produce and other grocery items...

Tekpak Solutions

Zero-waste company
Tekpack Solutions has developed certified "omnidegradable" packaging that biodegrades in composting facilities. "The additive is a particular blend of Organic compounds, which in the presence of microbes, create an enzyme that breaks down the long-chain...

Rootree Packaging

Zero-waste company
Rootree offers stock and custom compostable packaging options. The Rootree Vision To re-invent the packaging world in a transparent way, by: -sourcing or developing renewable materials; -using easier to recycle alternatives; -leading the industry...

Perishable Food Recovery Program - BC Food Banks

Regional zero-waste organization
Over $6 Billion of food is wasted in BC every year; healthy food that is sent to landfills, when it could be redirected to feed hungry families. To address the urgent need to reduce this unbearable waste and get more fresh and healthy food onto the...

Share Nelson

Local zero-waste store
Located in the heart of the Kootenays, SHARE Nelson is a non-profit secondhand store, supporting humanity and responsible ecology. They support our community by financially contributing to Our Daily Bread (ODB) and being ecologically mindful in our daily...

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