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Getting the correct balance of foods for optimum health. ### USDA Recommended daily intake of micro nutrient for adults age 19-30 | Nutrient | Men | Women | |---------------------------------|---------------|---------| | Vitamin A | 900 μg...

Nutrition Based Dental Care
Ways of preventing and curing tooth decay through diet and nutrition. This article is a stub that needs to be filled out Correcting the balance of vitamin D, calcium, and sugars in the body (by reducing sugars and increasing vitimin D) can lead to natural tooth health without requiring dental intervention.

The study and practice of healing with medicinal plants. Plants have been the basis for medical treatments throughout all of recorded human history. Herbalisem focuses on recommending specific plant medicines for healing specific health issues. While the study of [nutrition](/nutrition) overlaps with...

Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods, 2nd Edition
The Book That Started the Fermentation Revolution Sandor Ellix Katz, winner of a James Beard Award and New York Times bestselling author, whom Michael Pollan calls the “Johnny Appleseed of Fermentation” returns to the iconic book that started it all, but with a fresh perspective, renewed enthusiasm,...

Hartland's Nutrition Connection Cooperative
Hartland, US sustainable food store.

Fermentation is a time-tested method of preserving food which is delicious, energy efficient, and a great way to maintain the natural enzymes and nutrition of the food. Some common food products which are the result of fermentation are: Kombucha Sauerkraut Kimchi Kefir Sourdough bread Wine Pickles

Plant-based diet that avoids animal products Observing a plant based diet is recommended because of: - Reduced ecological footprint - Non-participation in the ethic of killing animals - Health benefits from reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes [] []

The Gaples Institute for Integrative Cardiology
The Gaples Institute for Integrative Cardiology is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the mission to provide leadership in advocacy and education regarding the powerful role of nutrition and lifestyle changes for prevention of heart disease.

Tony Oakworth is a registered herbal therapist, owner of Woodward Phytotherapy (herbal medicine clinic in Brentwood Bay, BC), and educator at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC working in the fields of plant medicines, nutrition, and mycology.

Student Clinic | Pacific Rim College
The Student Clinic at Pacific Rim College provides services in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Western Herbal Medicine and Holistic Nutrition. The general public can receive treatments by advanced-level students under the supervision of a licensed practitioner, or by a licensed practitioner with...

Dr. Joel Kahn
Dr. Joel Kahn is a plant based cardiologist who has developed an aggressive yet holistic approach to heart disease prevention and reversal. At his core, Dr. Joel Kahn believes that plant-based nutrition is the most powerful source of preventative medicine on the planet. Having practiced traditional... provides independent test results, reviews, ratings and comparisons of vitamins, supplements, herb and nutrition products to consumers and healthcare providers.

Green Pastures
Supplier of 'high-vitamin' oils inspired by the research of Dr. Weston A. Price.

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