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10 items for equality (Page 1 of 1)

The Equality Trust
The Equality Trust works to improve the quality of life in the UK by reducing economic and social inequality. UK income inequality is among the highest in the developed world and evidence shows that this is bad for almost everyone. People in more equal societies live longer, have better mental health...

Providing unbiased equivalent opportunity for all participants In a just society, all individuals are given an equal the opportunity to thrive and be treated with respect and fairness. ## Unbiased Equivalence of Opportunity The circumstances of an individual's birth — including race, culture, economic...

Creative Culture
Best practices for an enlightened and sustainable society. All life is sacred. Each cell in a body is part of the whole body. In the same way, every living being on earth lives by giving and receiving within the living planetary body. Every and all life is interwoven in the living fabric of life on this...

The Spirit Level
The Spirit Level is a collation of research from hundreds of independent scientific publications showing how and why people in more (economically) equal societies live longer, healthier, happier and more ecologically sustainable lives they then people in societies that are less equal. The book, released...

Earth: A Graphic Look at the State of the World
**A concise and comprehensive overview of the state of the planet and humanity.** Earth's ecological and human systems are in severe crisis. Although there is a wealth of information available, much of it is fragmented. The convergence of issues facing the earth are so interrelated that most of them...

Fair Trade
Trade ethics and regulations that guard against exploitative or unfair trade

What Is Sociocracy and Why Does Democracy Need it?
An introduction to the concept, values, systems and methods of a working sociocracy.

Sociocracy: A Deeper Democracy
**Collaborative Governance — Transparent, Inclusive, and Accountable** This site is a resource on sociocracy and democracy and the ways they support each other. It examines the principles and practices and the ways in which together they could better achieve their objectives.

The Catfarm is an off-grid community and educational non-profit located on a farm near the city of Poussan in Southern France. They host international volunteers through work exchange in partnership with platforms such as Worldpackers and Global Ecovillage Network. The community consists of travelers,...

The Psychology of Inequality
Researchers find that much of the damage done by being poor comes from feeling poor, and that it’s not greater wealth but greater equity that will make us all feel richer.

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