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Objective aesthetic harmony and sublime quality

With integrity, balance, right proportion, and in accord with context

Regenerative Design: Water, Food, Energy, Lifestyle Our objective is to live a reasonable life where our home is an extension of nature; where the systems incorporate bio-mimicry for both function and beauty. All systems work with nature to create a space that is safe and provide for our needs sustainably...

Lacewing Plants and Seedlings
A nursery specializing in Ontario native plants that feed and provide habitat for pollinators including birds and butterflies, and other beneficial insects (like Lacewings!) The plants are carefully chosen for their beauty and resilience. On-line store.

Heirloom Seeds & Plants
Americas Largest selection of Heirloom Vegetable seeds. Herbs Seed, Flower Seed, and more, over 1000 Varieties. These varieties have often been saved and passed down by gardeners for generations. Heirloom varieties are packed with flavor, beauty, and fragrance. Free shipping in the USA. SAFE SEED...

Permaculture Artisans
Permaculture Artisans create landscapes infused with beauty, nourishment, and habitat with a specialization in fire-resilient landscaping, water-use efficiency, food production, and restoration projects. Founded in 2005, all the work—from design to installation and project management—serves the triple...

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