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Synergy Organic Clothing

Ethical clothing company.

Synergy Organic Clothing was founded by Kate Fisher during her first trip to Nepal in the fall of 1993. Inspired by the beautiful fabrics and textiles of South East Asia and by the friendships she made there, Kate returned home and began to design clothing based on this inspiration.

Each garment is ethically sewn in a GOTS certified factory by men and women who are paid a living wage for their work. We are proud to consciously craft garments in a Fair Trade Certified™ factory in India and employ fair labor practices with our partners in Nepal.

A natural extension of Synergy’s sustainable practices, our partnership with Fair Trade USA ensures safe, healthy, and prosperous working conditions for the people who craft our clothes. ⁠

Mission Statement
We believe that consumers deserve the choice to buy clothing that they feel good about wearing with the knowledge of where and how it was produced. We strive to empower consumers to make more purposeful choices in the clothing they buy and wear. Ethical fashion is about more than just clothing, it is casting a vote for the type of future you want for the world and the people who live on it.
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