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Kootenay Lightweb Computing Service

Life honouring communications tool.

The “Kootenay Lightweb” is a community owned cloud server, communication, Software and IT Educational service which provides community owned “Data” and “Social Network” alternatives to “Big Data”. The “Lightweb” also provides ethical and open-source technology (hardware and software) and privacy focused education.

The Kootenay Lightweb vision is to provide local decentralized options for communication services usually controlled by large data corporations like facebook, google, apple, and microsoft.

Lightweb is run on exclusively privacy focused open source and free software that is encrypted. Users’ data is individually owned and protected. Servers will be in redundant locations including Kaslo & Nelson with power failure protection.

The underlying philosophy or “digital constitution” framework which protects the members/users of the services offered focuses on Connection, Diversity and Privacy. Connection in relation not only in connecting people via social media & shared digital resources but also in a sociological ‘good relationship’ sense. Diversity is the sense of promotion of individual free though respect, and creative expression. Privacy with an emphasis on one right to privacy for the protection of the sovereign.

Cloud Services (NextCloud) will provide a private storage location for Contacts, Calendars, Photos, Documents, Smartphone / Computer Backups etc. Social Media services would allow a alternative to Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp that's more specific to the community needs.

Evolving Structural Approach Empower communities to start their own nodes without imposing structure upon them. Provide the software recipes and recommended hardware (potentially with bulk purchase support) to enable communities to get started as quickly as possible; provide standard protocols and operating procedures so that federation is easeful and quick as backbone interconnect becomes available.

Technical Principles

FOSS /FOSH Centric: Wherever possible use FOSS, auditable hardware

Data Sovereignty: Personal data is private, it is the possession of the individual to share with whom they choose and not with anyone else. All personal data is encrypted, and keys are only shared with the owner

Decentralized: The infrastructure of the project is peer oriented and distributed, multi-location in organization

Community Ownership: The membership owns the physical and logical infrastructure of the co-op

Transparent: Finances, policies, technical protocols, and best practices readily available to membership

Accountability: Co-op board is accountable to the membership

Subscription Services: Free tier: Element/Matrix, Jitsi, Mastadon (or other social media platform) $10/mo/user account: NextCloud, Jitsi Meet (w/call recording) $25/mo/business account: CRM, Webhosting, Blogging Commercial Hot Racking?

community owned Cloud, Communication, Software, IT Educational, community-owned, “Data”, “Social Network”, alternatives, “Big Data”