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Heart MD Institute

Life honouring cardio vascular health organization.

HeartMD is a free informational website created by Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra that is dedicated to increasing public awareness of integrative medicine and what it means to live a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Dr Sinatra is a board-certified cardiologist and author/educator based in Manchester Connecticut. He is also board certified in internal medicine with additional certifications in nutrition, bioenergetic psychotherapy, and anti-aging medicine.

Sinatra also formulates and sells nutritional supplements under the brand name "Advanced BioSolutions." that is sold at is commercial website Additional projects include and

Mission Statement
"With the understanding that knowledge empowers, our mission at HeartMD Institute is to educate patients and medical professionals alike about integrative medicine, with special focuses on metabolic cardiology and energy medicine. Additionally, HeartMD Institute aims to inspire a restructuring of the doctor/patient relationship where together, both actively participate in the patient’s healing process. The pervading philosophy at HeartMD Institute is prevention is easier than cure..."