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EMF Protection: Natural Solutions - ElectricSense

Holistic health & wellness website.

"Living a naturally healthy life in our electromagnetic word"

Mission Statement
"What Is ElectricSense?

ElectricSense is my vision for health.

It’s a new paradigm. A way of living a naturally healthy life in our electromagnetic world.

Because of all the different forms of pollution we are now exposed to, EMFs are the most prolific and the most insidious.

But healthy living is not just about dealing with EMF exposures. It’s about embracing the undeniable fact that we are multi-level subtle energy beings. And the notion that frequency, our frequencies, the earth’s frequencies (Schumann and others), the man-made frequencies that surround us (EMFs), the frequencies of the food and liquids we drink, the frequencies of our thoughts and emotions….determine our state of health and well-being.

That’s why ElectricSense is not just about EMF exposures. But it puts EMFs at the center of a rounded holistic approach to health."