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Non-toxic water cleaning and purification organization.

Clearbot endeavours to imagine and create efficient, autonomous and electric boats that augment different marine services around the world.

This electrically powered floating robot uses artificial intelligence to clean trash, plastics and oil from harbors, shorelines and other water bodies. Clearbot can move a payload of 200 kg across water bodies, costing less than $0.1/km in energy, creating 0 emissions with no manpower. Clearbot Neo can collect up-to 15L of oil and 200 kg of floating trash in a day.

While clearing up the waterways, Clearbot can also be used for STEM Education. With Clearbot, teachers can create a dynamic learning approach in which students can actively engage with Clearbot to further their understanding of how innovation can solve social issues.

Mission Statement
Clearbot's mission is to restore the balance between humanity and the ocean to build a sustainable relationship with our planet.