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Life honouring architecture company.

Biotonomy is a global company that develops autonomous buildings, communities & cities with Nature Based Solutions (NBS). They offer solutions through a combination of ancient, modern, and nature’s design principles.

Biotonomy specializes in ecological, economical, and social projects that addresses the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis. Together with interdisciplinary collaboration & educational programs, Biotonomy works to advance the uptake and upscale of Nature Based Development.

New projects incorporate passive solar, thermal mass heating, water capture and reuse, biological waster treatment, food production, green roofs, and naturally sourced electricity

Mission Statement
We are committed to developing ground-up projects that integrate Nature Based Solutions. We also specialize in reforming existing buildings with NBD, transforming them into more sustainable and resilient structures.
green building, nature-based development, biomimicry, vertical hydroponic gardens