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Permaculture is a system and philosophy for designing human systems based on the principle of working with natural systems rather then against them. It aims to create biological and social systems that are structured so that peoples’ basic needs are produced as a by-product of the natural systems with a minimum of labour required. The ethics — “earth care, people care and fair share” — form the foundation for permaculture design and are also found in most traditional societies.

Permaculture Principles *

* The twelve fundamental Permaculture design principles as articulated by David Holmgren in his book "Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability"

Permaculture Resources

Introduction to Permaculture

Permaculture book
Introduction to Permaculture is an updated and revised version of the first two permaculture books, Permaculture One (Mollison and Holmgren, 1978) and Permaculture Two (Mollison, 1979), and replaces them. Bill Mollison was the founder and director...

One Community

Community organization
One Community’s purpose is to help people create a better world by creating a solution model that creates solution-creating models for The Highest Good of All. One Community is creating open-source blueprints for a sustainable civilization. These plans...

David Holmgren

Food knowledge holder
Co-originator (1978) of Permaculture design system for sustainable living and land use, ecological builder and farmer, author, teacher and activist.

Plants For a Future Database

Permaculture organization
Edible, medicinal and other uses of over 8,000 plants. Plants For A Future (PFAF) is an online database and associated website for those interested in edible and useful plants. Originally focused on plants suitable for temperate regions, it has now been...

Permaculture Design International

Permaculture company
Permaculture Design International can help you take your project from conception to completion. Designing for resource abundance by creating regenerative landscapes, resilient communities, and local living economies. To read more about our design philosophy...

Permaculture Research Institute

Permaculture organization
The Permaculture Research Institute (PRI) is located on a Permaculture demonstration site in The Channon NSW, and is headed by Geoff & Nadia Lawton. We specialize in education & training worldwide. We also provide daily Permaculture news and information...

The PFAF Shop

Permaculture book
Plants For A Future online book shop. PDF and softcover versions of books for permaculture-based landscaping. Titles include "Edible shrubs", "Edible Perennials", "Plants for Your Food Forest", "Edible Trees", "Woodland Gardening" and "Edible Plants"....

ViNE Permaculture

Permaculture company
A team of Permaculture Designers and Educators determined to bring permaculture solutions to the forefront of tackling the problems the world faces. All our designers are permaculture practitioners and are certified with a PDC. Online educational...

Design Basics: Mapping the Sun on your Site

Permaculture article
When creating a permaculture design, mapping where the sun falls on your site is crucial - here are our favorite tools to help you map light and shade.

Introduction to Dryland Strategies in Permaculture

Permaculture article
Chapter 11 - Dryland Strategies in Permaculture, Section 11.1 - Introduction to Dryland Strategies in Permaculture, Permaculture Designers Manual "The development of conservative strategies for the preservation of dry-land species, and for the responsible...

How Nitrogen-Fixing Works – And the Top 30 Plants

Permaculture article
Nitrogen-fixing is an important part of any garden. Here's why you need to plant nitrogen-fixing plants, and the top 30 to consider.

Swale Calculator

Permaculture tool
An online tool for calculating water-harvesting swale position and size.

11 Perennial Root Vegetables for Your Garden

Permaculture article
Get started today with perennial root vegetables. These root crops come back year after year saving you time and energy while providing you a great harvest.


Permaculture website
Ridgedale Farm is taking a pause from being a commercial food producer, but remains a pioneering educational site and is the homestead of Richard Perkins. Here at 59°N in Sweden he teaches Farm Scale Permaculture Design, Regenerative Agriculture,...

Hügelkultur Bed – A Natural Way to Garden

Permaculture article
Learn how you can make old rotting wood useful to build your garden soil in a Hügelkultur bed. YouTube video demonstration included!

About Permaculture – Bending Oak

Permaculture article
"...As it focuses primarily on design, permaculture mimics the relationships and patterns observed in nature to organize people, their buildings, food, water needs, daily routines and habits resulting in a design that yields an abundance of food, fiber,...

RetroSuburbia: the downshifter's guide to a resilient future.

Permaculture book
RetroSuburbia is the gateway to retrofitting a home, a garden, and life. It aims to help prioritize the myriad things anyone can do at home to create a better, and more resilient, life. We are living in unprecedented times. This book is being made available...

Permaculture Design Magazine

Permaculture company
(Formerly the Permaculture Activist) "Permaculture Design is an independent quarterly serving the permaculture movement in North America. We publish articles dealing with the spectrum of permaculture thought and action—from gardening to ecovillages,...

How to Set up a Permaculture Farm in 9 Steps

Permaculture article
Once someone has several acres of countryside to steward, it can be somewhat overwhelming about where to begin. With a PDC in hand and a dream of a permaculture farm, there are all these pieces that need to fit together and a way to prioritize design...

Permaculture company
A site dedicated to Permaculture principles and publications with books and videos featuring David Holmgren and many other prominent permaculture designers and thinkers. Permaculture principles illustrated and explained, information exchange and methods...

How much land do you need? (free calculator)

Permaculture article
A step-by-step article that addresses the question of how much land is needed based on walking through an exercise to explore the intended lifestyle, activities, and yields of the intended property. Includes information on space requirements and a calculator...

natural capital Plant Database

Permaculture website
Permaculture Plant Database for Ecological Design In 2001 Paula Westmoreland started designing and developing the Natural Capital plant database with the intent of creating a "living knowledge tool" to assist people in creating polycultures, guild designs,...

Permaculture Institute

Permaculture organization
Founded in 1997 by Scott Pittman and Bill Mollison, the Institute’s work uses education and demonstration to accomplish our mission of training the next environmental and social change makers in the life-enhancing practice of Permaculture Design. It...

4 Berry Bushes that Fertilize, Too!

Continental permaculture article
Permaculture gardeners look for plants that are multifunctional. These berry bushes can fix nitrogen in the soil while providing edible berries.

Permaculture Apprentice

Continental permaculture website
Here’s How My Blog Will Help You Start Your Own Permaculture Farm Permaculture Apprentice was founded after growing frustrated by the lack of info about how, exactly, people start out with a farm and eventually get to the point where they have demonstrations...

Balkan Ecology Project

Continental permaculture organization
The Balkan Ecology Project is a permaculture-inspired, grassroots project based in South Eastern Europe, Bulgaria. It is a family-run project - Paul, Sophie and their two boys Dylan and Archie. Founded 2010 the Balkan Ecology Project aims to develop...

Food Forest Canada

Permaculture company
Food Forest Canada is a venture by Permaculture Designer and farmer Lindsay Brandon. Specializing in food forest design, vegetable gardening and researching and developing hemp fibre and grain crops in Alberta Canada.

Permaculture and Sociocracy Working Together: Grow Engagement with Systems Design

Permaculture video
Recordings of a conference held in October, 2020. - John Buck: Permaculture and Sociocracy Working Together: Grow Engagement with Systems Design - John Schinnerer: “Designing Holistic Futures – Sociocracy, Permaculture, and Human Being” Henny...

Permaculture Association

Permaculture organization
The Permaculture Association is working to radically and positively change the way people live in the UK and actively supports a worldwide movement. It focuses on education, networking, support, and events to beneficially transform communities and landscapes....

Green Barn Farm

Permaculture company
Fruit Trees for Our Secure Farming Future Specializing in nut trees, fruit trees berries, etc. for permaculture and agroforestry in cold Canadian climates. Green Barn Farm (formerly known as Green Barn Nursery) has bred and selected an extensive collection...

Regional permaculture website
A large collection of active and diverse Permaculture articles and forums on most topics related to homesteading and sustainability, as well as video resources, podcasts and on site appropriate technology and permaculture courses.

O.U.R. Ecovillage

Regional education & learning eco village
Located on 25 acres near Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia, O.U.R. ECOVILLAGE began with a vision to create a model demonstration sustainable village community rooted in social, ecological, and economic well being. O.U.R. Ecovillage is the host site for...

Permaculture Artisans

Regional permaculture company
Permaculture Artisans create landscapes infused with beauty, nourishment, and habitat with a specialization in fire-resilient landscaping, water-use efficiency, food production, and restoration projects. Founded in 2005, all the work—from design to...

Miracle Farms, a 12-acre commercial permaculture orchard in Southern Quebec

Regional permaculture film
This brief film gives an introduction to the 20 yr journey of Stefan Sobkowiak from the purchase of an organic orchard to the development of a biodiverse polyculture orchard based on permaculture principles. The orchard now counts over 100 cultivars of...

NW Permaculture Community

Regional permaculture directory
NW Permaculture Community regional map

Elemental Permaculture

Regional permaculture company
Dan and Aaron through their business partnership Elemental Permaculture have established the Illawarra region as a centre for school and community Permaculture gardens. Engaging schools & community through a participatory design approach and building...

Midwest permaculture

Regional permaculture website
Educational programs on-site and virtual, videos, articles courses, design charettes and design services. We teach the internationally recognized 72-hr. Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course, honoring the original curriculum while updating students...

Project Food Forest

Regional permaculture organization
Project Food Forest was founded in 2016 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The goal is to encourage, empower, and equip people to plant and care for edible plants all over. The scope of the work includes planting public food forests; implementing programs...

Hatchet & Seed

Regional permaculture company
Edible Landscaping, Permaculture Design, Urban Agriculture, Raised Beds, Garden Install & Maintenance, Organic Landscaping, Victoria, BC

Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild

Regional permaculture directory
Listing of Inland Northwest Permaculture sites

The Urban Farmer

Regional permaculture company
Ron Berezan is the founder and proprietor of The Urban Farmer and is joined by colleagues internationally in this work. He has a close working relationship foundations in Cuba and regularly takes groups of Canadians to Cuba for educational tours...

Permaculture in Ontario

Regional permaculture website
This map presents submissions from an ongoing survey of 59 Permaculture practitioners in Ontario, Canada. The site details the origins of the survey, a short video introducing the map, a searchable map, and project listings by region.

Earthlight Permaculture

Local permaculture company
Bringing food and medicine close to home; using permaculture design to create unique, abundant habitats and nurturing healing spaces: edible landscaping and water-wise gardens; herbal medicine and pollinator gardens; food forests and resilience plantings;...

Family Permaculture

Local permaculture company
Family Permaculture is a team of passionate practicing permaculturists, teachers and designers whose mission is to bring permaculture into the family setting! This is achieved by empowering families with education on sustainability and regenerative living...

Limestone Permaculture

Local permaculture farm
Limestone Permaculture Farm is a highly productive one-acre demonstration property, created using Permaculture Design Processes & Principles, located in the beautiful Karuah Valley NSW. Our vision is to deliver ethical, health-conscious & empowering...

Sustainable By Design :tools

Local permaculture website
Sustainable By Design provides a suite of shareware design tools on sustainable energy topics including sun angle calculators, window overhang calculators and more

AppleSeed Permaculture

Local permaculture company
AppleSeed Permaculture is an ecological design and development firm with a history of innovative projects. Based in the Hudson Valley of New York, the new New Jersey office expands AppleSeed’s regional service area to include NY, NJ, and surrounding...

Utah State University Extension Permaculture

Local permaculture organization
Permaculture is more than a list of techniques. In Utah's dry climate, wise water use, soil care, reversing the effects of deforestation, increasing food security, and adapting to and mitigating projected impacts of climate change are emphasized. A permaculture...

Wayne Weiseman and The Permaculture Project

Local permaculture company
Wayne Weiseman - Teacher, Designer, Consultant, Author... Wayne Weiseman is a permaculture teacher, designer, consultant and author. He lives in Carbondale, Illinois with his wife, Frances and daughter, Halima.  He was certified to teach permaculture...

Edible Landscape Design

Local permaculture company
Consultation, design, and coaching in support of a beautiful future bursting with super-foods, right outside our doors, where landscapes and communities are regenerated with every home-cooked meal. The team brings decades of combined experience and...

Santa Barbara Organics

Local permaculture company
DESIGN FOR REGENERATION The goal is to provide design and consultation that fits the needs of the clients and their property – whether it be a residential home or a large farm. To create landscapes that produce abundant food as a byproduct of ecosystem...

PLACE - People Linking Art Community & Ecology

Local community organization
PLACE is a public-serving, experiential learning center to showcase and foster sustainable living practices, urban homesteading, community resiliency & preparedness, social justice and artistic expression. Their goal is to incubate a local sustainability...

Permaculture Design Course

Local permaculture event
Whole Systems Design Applied Permaculture Design Course July17-26 2020. This course offers a uniquely hands-on opportunity to gain skills in applied permaculture skills immersed in one of North America's most diverse and intensive permaculture research...

Design Jam Permaculture

Local permaculture company
Regenerative Landscape Design. Adrian is a Permaculture Designer, Facilitator and Educator, working from Hamilton, ON. He founded Design Jam Permaculture offering Collaborative Design and Decision Support services to help people with urban and suburban...

Omaha Permaculture

Local permaculture organization
Omaha Permaculture is an environmental non-profit organization that maintains unwanted vacant land to elevate the property's utility and value for the surrounding neighborhood by creating healthy ecosystems through urban agriculture-related economic development. The...


Local permaculture company
Regenerative Design: Water, Food, Energy, Lifestyle Consulting for Rain Water and Compost Toilet Systems, online classes, Book-- “Essential Composting Toilets“, Workshops, presentations, and speaking engagements and the Eco-Sense permaculture Nursery.

Global Earth Repair Conference

Local ecology event
The Global Earth Repair Conference will bring 500 or more people together to talk about earth repair (ecosystem restoration) at local, regional, state, national and international levels. The Global Earth Repair Conference facilitates the exchange of information...

permaculture-design Idaho

Local permaculture directory
Listing of permaculture organizations In Idaho

The Permaculture Academy

Local permaculture company
The Verge Permaculture Academy offers live online masterclasses with world-class faculty, collaborative learning experiences, and global networking on one simple, intuitive private platform.

The Resiliency Institue

Local permaculture organization
The Resiliency Institute is a nonprofit organization using permaculture education and design to foster nature and human connection, grow food security, and build resilient communities. Permaculture is an ecological and ethics-based philosophy for designing...

Neumark Design

Local permaculture company
Nursery: Specialists in hardy edible and perennial plants, including plants for food forests and permaculture landscaping. The majority of the plants we offer are grown onsite, using natural inputs at Terra Perma. Discounts for not-for-profit organizations,...

Food Forest Farm

Local permaculture company
Growing Resilience for People & Planet Food Forest Farm aims to help people create low-maintenance, regenerative food systems. They grow, supply, and teach about perennial vegetables and other multipurpose plants. Consulting is available to design landscapes...

Permaculture at Tikkum

Local permaculture organization
Permaculture at Tikkun: A story of radical transformation Fourteen years ago, the 7.5 acres at Tikkun was scrubby, semi-arid land with sparse trees, shrubs and cactus. There were no public services or electricity. Like millions of Mexican households,...

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